Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Rage is not a solution to eBook market changes

Today's post at libraryrewewal.org is a must read. As I shared with some friends yesterday, threats of boycotts and other reactions aren't going to help find solutions.


I cannot help but think how much of a game changer some of these recent developments may herald. It's not just the ereaders but the impact of a frictionless economy driven by the technology. Libraries haven't been seen as a competitor to local bookstores in the past because of scarcity and other limitations of time and space in the physical world. Bookstores offered volume and instant gratification and we've always had depth. I don't think that is true any more. As Amazon continues to kill the physical bookstore market, I am willing to bet they don’t see libraries at anything but direct competitors as we are both offering exhaustive title lists and strive to offer the most sought after titles on the day of first release.

This may launch to some pretty different market forces, some of which may not be kind to libraries or publishers.


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